Ekaterina Costa

Artist Statement

Ekaterina Costa is a Russian-American visual artist and photographer born in 1995 in Moscow. She currently lives and works in Paris. After her BFA in fine arts, focused on new media and photography (Paris Parsons) and philosophy (Oxford University), Ekaterina began her studio practice in 2017. Her work has been exhibited in France, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Her artistic practice explores the themes of identity, immigration and memory through time and language, summoning a set of mental images that oscillate between memory and fiction, between past and present. Her works manifest primarily as installations composed of photographs, drawings and texts, though she also works with sound and in-situ installations. Through a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on personal memory, history and language, she explores the nuances of two classic figurative genres: landscape and still life. Her works on paper explore the fragility of the mediums of photography and ink drawing inspired by gestural calligraphy, working with precious, transparent and fragile papers such as gampi and unryu.

Ekaterina Costa is also a co-founder of The Slanted House. The collective aims to give a platform to underrepresented creators, focusing on themes of gender, queer, feminism and immigration. The Slanted House organizes annual exhibitions between Berlin and Paris functioning on an open call basis and publishes a limited zine with each edition.

In 2023, Ekaterina Costa's work was selected among 5 other young artists from the Paris scene for the Prix Dauphine pour l’art Contemporain and will be presented at the CROUS gallery in Paris this June for the 10th anniversary edition of the prize.

Her work is represented by Galerie S. (Paris) since 2023 and SAMPLE Art (Moscow) since 2021.